Monday, May 11, 2015


·        Why does the New Testament have TWO different ‘genealogies’ of Jesus, BOTH through Joseph? Who was Joseph?

·        The Chief Priest’s duty was rebuild the holy Temple! Not Herod, a fervent pagan! Who?

·        Why don’t churches acknowledge James, the brother of Jesus, who prayed inside the Temple’s Holy Place? Who owns the site?

·        Why are Rome’s churches silent about Parthia, the superpower that invaded Israel and defeated the Roman Empire’s greatest generals and decimated its legions?

·        Not three ‘Magi’ but thousands of ‘Magi’ and Parthians arrived after the birth of Jesus in a cavalcade and terrified both Herod and all Jerusalem.
·        Where did the false myth originate that Jesus was a carpenter? 

·        Which Scriptures say he was a great Chief Priest with authority over the Temple? He taught high priests there.

·        The first Congregation (ekklesia) of Christ met INSIDE the Temple! All the tribes of Israel were represented there.

·        Pilate was a brutal Roman governor. Yet he confirmed legally that Jesus was both ‘King of the Jews’ and innocent of any charges of treason against the Empire! Why?

·        Emperor Tiberius confirmed that Jesus rose from the dead and was God!

·        After Christ’s Resurrection, Rome had to abandon its traditional gods like Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. These ‘gods’ became the laughing stock of the world!

·        The successor, Emperor Caius Caligula planned to be deified in Egypt as ‘Supreme God’ and to move his capital to the Temple!

·        Instead of worshipping Christ, the ‘Jewish’ ‘Sun of Righteousness’ Malachi 4:2, why did Romans turn to literal Sun worship?

Josephus, priest, soldier, historian and eyewitness, described the Temple situated on a square or cube-like tower above the Kidron Valley, each side one Roman stade. Two stoa roads were like arms a stade long. The stoa double causeway on the Temple’s northwest led to the oblong 10,000-strong fortress of Antonia, the size of ‘several cities’ for legions. Accounts say the Temple had an inexhaustible, gushing spring, Gihon. Antonia (the Haram) had no spring.

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